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30 years of pleasure and
passion for partitions

30 Years of Plan Effect

At the office, you want to feel at home. The office experience affects how we feel and behave. In a space, we concentrate. We take a moment for ourselves. We meet each other at work. Or we have inspiring conversations with colleagues and clients.

Everyone is welcome in the Plan Effect family. We are part of a space. With our passion for design and love for the right materials and colours, we create the right working atmosphere and perfect style. Our in-house production and state-of-the-art glass line, means we are flexible and, with over 30 years of experience, expert in providing sustainable, customised partitions and interior solutions. Our design is tailored to your requirements. Together, we create the complete space. The space in which we feel comfortable. A place that connects us. Because connecting people in the office with our design is the ultimate effect of our plan.

Visit our Creator Lounge to create your ideal office experience with us. Plan Effect, designed to connect.

Creator Lounge
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We like to give our partitions a new life in the future! Our ambition is to reuse 20% of our existing partitions in a new project by 2025.

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Everyone is welcome in the Plan Effect family, and we are proud of all our colleagues! Discover now all the qualities and specialisations we have in house.

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Enjoyment, guts, and ambition come together in a place that connects colleagues. We are always eager for new talent and welcome you to the club.

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