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Upon entering our Creator Lounge, our creative Plan Effect specialists are ready to assist you. While enjoying a nice cup of coffee, we get acquainted and then start with a tour. Our location is an office and showroom in one. All office concepts, partitions, and doors have been given a functional place here. This way, you get to know all the products Plan Effect has to offer. This is especially helpful for the brainstorming session that follows the tour, as it allows you to have a firsthand look at our products.


In our new Creator Lounge, ideas come to life. This is where customised office concepts are developed, just as you envisage them. Together with our specialists, you sit down to brainstorm. Anything is possible! Creatively and at your leisure, we discuss and create the design and visualise your office layout in a rough sketch. Besides the design, we also take into account acoustics, style, sustainability, fire resistance, image, identity, etcetera. In short: we think of everything! Plan Effect has its own R&D department, so all ideas can be turned into reality immediately. Nothing is too crazy!

Creator Lounge | Plan Effect



At Plan Effect, our skilled staff in all departments enjoy being challenged. They work hard to turn your idea into a realistic design. In REVIT, your ideas are customised. This gives you a realistic 3D image of the space and the design. If we have listened carefully to each other, this is the overall picture you had in mind during brainstorming …


Is the drawing satisfactory and can you envision this space in your office? Then we will produce the idea in-house. If necessary, we can also test everything for soundproofing and durability, for example. Again, the possibilities are endless.

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