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An extension of the SKYEBOX, but a simpler version is the BOUNCEBOX. Flexible spaces in offices are an essential component of the new style of working. The BOUNCEBOX is a flexible office unit, consisting of glass, acoustic panels, and ceilings, and extremely suitable as a meeting room, concentration room or shielded flexi-working space. The name BOUNCE says enough, doesn’t it? With this box, the emphasis is on the acoustic interpretation. The acoustic panels dampen sound reflections and reduce excessive reverberation in your workplace, which is further enhanced by using acoustic ceilings. Ideal for combining with both our closed and glass partitions for a complete and inspiring look & feel.


Wall thickness: 25mm
Glass panels: Single glazed, without struts
Module transition: Plus-in, 3M tape
Modulation: Maximum 900mm
Vision panels: Extruded aluminium
Coating: Powder coating
Ceiling profiles: 25 x 35mm
Floor profiles: 25 x 35mm
Door elements: Blunt, angled model
Profile colour: White, grey, and clear anodised
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