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Baronie | Alphen aan den Rijn
Baronie | Alphen aan den Rijn
Baronie | Alphen aan den Rijn


On the site where 180,000 chocolate letters a day were produced more than a decade ago, atmospheric office spaces are currently being completed. Ditt Officemakers and Plan Effect have joined forces to realise flexible office spaces in the Baronie building in Alphen aan den Rijn.

In the former situation, there were interconnected spaces that made it harder to get your bearings on entering. In the design, we wanted to emphasise the factory feel by making more connections using the sightlines. A deliberate choice was made for no suspended ceiling. We wanted to preserve the structure of the factory as much as possible. In the office design, Ditt Officemakers did not lose sight of the characteristic features of the factory.


The industrial single-glazed EGO partition fits nicely into the office image of the Baronie building. A design with rounded corners was chosen. It is a unique partition finish and a stand-alone piece of craftsmanship. The experience is panoramic and gives you a different perspective of the space. Greater connection is created. In addition, the element also echoes the old curves of the factory building.

Throughout the entire space, the round EGO glass corner with horizontal lines attracts attention. The black profiles additionally emphasis the factory feel. EGO is currently Plan Effect’s most industrial single-glazed partition. The glass panels run from the floor to the ceiling. The vertical and horizontal aluminium profiles give this partition a tough vintage look to match the Baronie building.

In early September, Plan Effect started building traditional offices, meeting rooms and flexible office units for the Baronie. The fitters had arranged and prepared everything down to the finest detail. The construction of the round EGO glass partition was, of course, an exciting moment. The partition had only been installed in mock-up and not applied in practice. Everything in this phase went well and all round and corner details were finished very cleanly. To get an impression of this phase, the first images of this project have been captured:

By the end of November 2020, the end was in sight and the delivery was scheduled. Absolutely everything had been thought of, making the handover together with Ditt Officemakers and Baronie speedy. A beautiful delivery document emerged with 99% of green tick marks. A small strip was immediately replaced to get a 100% score. Plan Effect delivered an excellent service because that is our strength after all.

The end result is impressive, and the design was successful! The factory feel comes alive when you step into this office. The dynamic, round EGO partitions create an industrial and open character with a modern finishing touch. The height of the building ensures that the factory is recognisable and the homely consultation rooms give visitors and employees a warm feeling.

DITT to be continued!

Together with Ditt Officemakers, Plan looks back on a very successful partnership in which the good atmosphere, flexibility, diligence, and service were appreciated. The next joint project is already in the pipeline!

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