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Visymo | Rijssen
Visymo | Rijssen
Visymo | Rijssen


Hidden behind internet search engines is often an invisible force: Visymo. The company, which operates from Rijssen in Overijssel, analyses and connects. It had one wish for its new shop floor: it had to exude connectedness and be cosy.

Wood appears throughout the interior. In the slatted ceiling of the work café, where it creates an intimate atmosphere. But also, in the traffic areas and offices. At strategic points, the glass partitions are interrupted by wooden slats. “The glass partition runs through the wood, as it were. It has a decorative value, but also prevents too much visibility in the meeting rooms, for example.” By adding grey float glass to the partitions between the meeting rooms and behind the slats – while clear glass was used elsewhere – a subtle shift in terms of transparency is also created.

Cosiness and homeliness are expansive terms, yet Chiel Jannink van Nijboer had an astute grasp of how to translate these concepts into a tangible reality for the customer. “By using lots of natural products, such as wood and a moss partition at the entrance. But also, by choosing beautifully finished elements. For example, the cabinets that are mitred and the glass partitions that rejuvenate at the base. It exudes craftsmanship. The intentional tapering effect, transitioning from wider to narrower, imparts a sense of elevation, effectively lifting the glass partitions off the floor.” This created suppleness, the leanness to incorporate robust forms, refined details, and a wide variety of material textures.

Bas, Sales Manager Plan Effect

The strength of a design comes from collaboration. “For Plan Effect, that means doing what we promise and putting our shoulders to the wheel together with the contractor and architect. Only then can the client attain the desired outcome,” says Bas Witzier. He knows better than anyone that every project has specific requirements for materials. “No design is the same. But when you know the products well and are familiar with their properties, you can inform architects well and create clear expectations. With products, you can strengthen the image and design, and the details ensure a perfect fit here.”


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