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Office acoustics solutions

Acoustic Interior Solutions

Suitable acoustics are important for creating a comfortable working environment. Here, attention is paid to countering annoying reverberation, achieving comfortable sound levels, and reducing sound transmission between workstations. Excellent acoustics ensure better concentration and increased productivity for employees. Basically, the right partitions play a very important role. By using double-glazed partitions and integrated acoustic solutions, you create a very high level of sound insulation that is very suitable for call centres, quiet rooms, meeting rooms, and offices for management and human resources, for example. In addition, all these solutions are very environmentally friendly and bear the Cradle to Cradle Silver certification. It could hardly be more sustainable.

Serene With Serenity

Experience pure peace and comfort with the Serenity double-glazed partition. The seamless interlocking profiles, ensure minimal sound transmission and very high sound insulation. The partition has an acoustically high-quality Serenity door in the same design.

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Would you like to know how we can improve the acoustics in your office? We will devise the acoustic solution that meets all noise requirements and your needs! Call directly for an appointment with one of our consultants.



The sound absorbing Soundpanel is a unique combination between fabric and an aluminium frame. Our Soundpanel is smart, elegant and includes the finest fabrics from Gabriel and Kvadrat. This panel is seamlessly integrated into the Glass-Concept partition.



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