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Industrial office interior


Industrial elements often create a cool effect in office design. Whether it is an industrial lamp, industrial table or industrial furniture, everything contributes to creating a complete industrial office. Plan Effect equips your office with the most beautiful industrial partitions. How about the robust EGO? Or the minimalist TEN? With both partitions, you can create the perfect industrial look. You can determine the lines yourself, allowing you to put together the industrial partition as you wish. An industrial office design is sturdy, robust, and perfect for combining with other office styles thanks to its clean shapes and neutral colours. Be creative with retro eye-catchers and turn your office space into a complete industrial interior.


The very latest EGO glass partition has the most industrial look currently available. The partition is made of aluminium but looks like steel. The tessellation can be designed as you wish. This gives every room its own EGO!

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On Pinterest, we post the most beautiful photos of industrial offices. All of them equipped with retro partitions and decorated by us. Start following us on Pinterest and create your own mood board featuring an industrial interior.



Explore the secrets of achieving an industrial aesthetic for your office. Utilise our pins to craft your own industrial mood board on Pinterest. Assemble your mood board and uncover the myriad possibilities awaiting your application.