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Hybrid working

Working from home and in the office

Working in the office and at home seems to be the new normal. At home, we like to work in silence and concentration. According to our own insight, personal needs and priorities, time is allocated efficiently. This has a positive effect on the mindset of employees.
In the office, meeting areas, meeting rooms, and flex spaces are more important than ever! It is important to furnish these spaces well and provide the right facilities for a good and workable hybrid working policy. On the work floor, we like to meet for a nice cup of coffee, to brainstorm together and to arrive at new insights together.

Hybrid office working

Employees come to the office for inspiration, creativity, and conviviality. Creative conference rooms and atmospheric meeting places are therefore very important in your new office layout.

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Working from home and working in the office should always be connected. It is important to create good facilities at the office as well as at home, allowing colleagues to meet online remotely.



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Exploring how to design the office hybrid? Use a mood board to put together the right atmosphere for your hybrid office. Follow us on Pinterest now, compile your mood board immediately and see what possibilities can be applied in the office and also at home.