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Effective meetings and consultation in the office

When planning a meeting, a suitable meeting room is needed. Making the right meeting room in an office is not always easy. The purpose of the meeting must be taken into account to then determine the look and size of the room. Besides size and appearance, you are looking for a central location in the building and may have a need for special facilities. There are rooms that have video conferencing facilities. These are specially equipped meeting rooms. The arrangement of screens and cameras makes it look as if discussion partners are seated opposite each other at one meeting table. But there are also meeting rooms specially designed for teams. This encourages the team to meet faster and more effectively. In addition, structured meeting furniture and acoustic partitions contribute to an effective meeting or consultation.

Creative meeting room

Creative and clear thinking during a consultation is paramount. Therefore, it is important that the meeting room you are in is not too standard but exudes enough inspiration and creativity.

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Small meeting room

The minimum size of a meeting room is 2 m2 per person. Smaller rooms are therefore ideal for small groups of up to four people to meet or confer.


Meeting room advice

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Meeting room inspiration

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