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Luxury partitions with class

High quality partitions

We boast an extensive collection of partitions, each one in its own design. Special wishes or special customisation is always possible. Thanks to high-end partition finishes, we can create any luxurious style in the office. Partitions with a gold, rose or silver coating enhance the luxurious character of your office and add class to the overall interior. The partition type itself also contributes to this. How about the TEN with special styles? Or the transparent Glass-Concept? Thanks to stylish eye-catchers and a chic design for our partitions, the luxury experience will always stand out.

Stylish single-glazing

Innovative glass partitions with a slim profile and high quality, that is the TEN single-glass partition. Very minimalist in design and with unique styles. Discover for yourself all the luxury and possibilities that lie behind TEN.

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Our partitions not only have a luxurious look on the outside, but also contain the most stylish detailing on the inside. Thanks to our extensive collection in colours and systems, we always have the designer partition to suit your luxury office.



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Explore the secrets of achieving a high-quality look for your office. Utilise our pins to craft your own luxurious and stylish mood board on Pinterest. Assemble your mood board and uncover the myriad possibilities awaiting your application.