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Office acoustics solutions

Suitable acoustics are important for creating a comfortable working environment. Here, attention is paid to countering annoying reverberation, achieving comfortable sound levels, and reducing sound transmission between workstations.

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Creative officedesign

Slides, caravans, log cabins and gazebos – these are often what come to mind when thinking about a creative office design. It’s important that the creative office space strikes a balance in terms of colours, shapes, and materials. But how do we go about achieving a creative office layout?

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Industrial office interior

Industrial elements often create a cool effect in your office design. Whether it is an industrial lamp, industrial table or industrial furniture, everything contributes to creating a complete industrial office. Plan Effect provides your office with the finest industrial partitions.

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Modern office partitions

A sleek and modern office interior suits almost every business. It has a timeless character, making it a very pleasant working environment for everyone. Daylight plays a huge leading role here, thanks to its light and transparent character.

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Inspiring meeting rooms

When planning a meeting, a suitable meeting room is needed. Creating the right meeting room in an office is not always easy. The purpose must be taken into account to determine the look and size of the room.

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Luxury partitions with class

Partitions coated in gold, rose or silver enhance the luxurious character of your office and add class to the overall interior. Thanks to stylish eye-catchers and a chic design for our partitions, the luxury experience will always stand out.

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Hybrid working

Working in the office and at home seems to be the new normal. At home, we like to work in silence to enhance concentration. According to our own insight, personal needs, and priorities, time is allocated efficiently. This has a positive effect on mindset.

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Green office, green partition

Sustainable business is an important issue in our society. Among other things, our solar panels, sustainable employability, and healthy materials ensure that all our partitions and doors are Cradle to Cradle certified.

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Office interior and design

An interior design is a must for your office layout. It starts with the major renovation and then follows with the basic design. With the right office partitions, you will create the desired design that meets all your requirements.

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